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Hi! I've just joined the community and wanted to say 'hello'. I'm 100% Polish and I'm an English/American philology student. This year I'm writing a bachelor paper at the end of my studies and I really need your help. The subject of my paper is Inuit culture and tradition, and I have some questions to ask, but there was nobody who'd be willing to answer them so far. I just want to write a truthful paper, so that nobody would accuse me of false ideas and theories. I know much about the Inuit culture, but it's all from books and websites. I need an opinion of the Inuit themselves, and their point of view on some issues that are bothering me. If anyone is able/willing to help me, please, do it. I'd be grateful.


similar messages were posted on several different communities, don't be surprised if you read it for the second (third?) time.
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