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inuktitut's Journal

A community for the Inuktitut language
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Hi! This is a community for people who speak, read, write, are learning, and/or have an interest in Inuktitut. Inuktitut is an Inuit language spoken in Northern Canada (particularly Nunavut) and Alaska.

Because there's a lack of resources for this language, this is the place to share what's out there, help each other out in learning it, and just generally hanging out while discussing Inuktitut related topics.

A note on writing the language: Inuktitut is written in two different orthographic systems - Qaliujaaqpiat, or Roman letters (like what you're reading now), and Qaniujaaqpait, or syllabics. The syllabic system is the one used predominantely in Nunavut.

If you want to type in Qaniujaaqpait, you will need to download the 'Nunacom' font. It'll then display on your PC, as well as the PCs of those who also have the font installed. Download it here: http://www.nunatsiaq.com/download.html#english

Another font is the 'Pigiarniq' font, from the Govt. of Nunavut. http://www.gov.nu.ca/font.htm is where it can be found. Because different webpages use different fonts, it's best to have both installed to see the Inuktitut correctly.

Welcome to the community!