Scott, aka Frodo, aka Scooby, aka Ketchup (aberwak) wrote in inuktitut,
Scott, aka Frodo, aka Scooby, aka Ketchup

Message in Iñupiaq

In my Livejournal, I recently posted (just for the fun of it) a message that was written in English and Iñupiaq. Although Iñupiaq (spoken in northern Alaska) is slightly different from Inuktitut, the languages are still very similar. The message isn't much... but just thought I'd see what everyone here thinks (and the grammar or vocabulary is almost certainly not accurate, as it's been a while since I've studied the language):

"Uvlupak, aglaŋñiaŋtuŋa LiveJournal-mi Iñupiatunlu tannitunlu (atakii alianaitchuqlu siġļiŋnaqtuqlu). Piyumisuuruŋa piuŋiļaq, aglaan uvlupak aliannaqtuŋa. Siļagiktuq - qannikumautuq qiiyanaqtuq. Apun nakauġiruŋa. Qannikuuŋitchuq natiġnaaġmi New Mexico-mi, aglaan iġġimi qannikuutuq. Aaqagu, maniruŋa iluqasi qiñigaaq qannikun.

Today, I will write in my LiveJournal in both English and Iñupiaq (because it's both fun and challenging). Usually I do nothing, but today I am bored. The weather is nice - it might snow if it gets cold. I like the snow. It rarely snows in the valleys of New Mexico, but it usually does snow in the mountains. Later, I'll show you all a picture of the snow falling."
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